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Entry #2

Blasted Bass Amp Conversion

12/3/13 by Knoxius

Took my old Ampeg B3158, a decently sized bass amp, which I fried about a year ago (smoke and everything!), and turned it into a storage cabinet. Specifically, I'd like to utilize it as an effect rack.



Here's what I did:

  • Removed the electronics (empty top space)
  • Removed the speakers (nice spares)
  • Busted the front wood panel out (the one that holds the speakers)
  • Attached the metal grill to some hinges and turned it into a door
  • Attached wood to the metal grill for support
  • Attached claw lookin thing to the wood support, and a screw inside to act as a catch (to latch the door shut)
  • Mounted a fancy handle on the front
  • Painted everythang black (except for the yellow strip)




The last thing I have to do now is paint some designs in there. Right now, the idea at mind is a Strange Music logo in the middle somewhere (most likely on the bottom - planning with effects in mind), and yellow/orange/red strips running in some sort of pattern. Possibly some equalizer graphic? Essentially, I want it to look 'dubstep'. Or something.

As I said, the final plan is to mount some effect units in there. Thinking the top space would be perfect for a power conditioner. Next step is to buy all of that... :P


ps today was the perfect day for this multi-image feature to come out.


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I think this is the first legitimate use of the Rich Text Editor.

A historic moment.



I feel it'd be cooler if you managed to turn it into a fridge or something.
I mean it's the perfect size.

12/3/13 Knoxius responds:

wow that would be badass, but i have neither the funding for parts, nor the expertise required in order to not fuck everything up